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Writer/editor with journalism and content marketing background. Have written sponsored content for global brands, including Intel and PayPal.

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Epa 660x370 article
Small Business Trends

EPA Overreach? This New Rule Could Seriously Affect Your Business

The Clean Water Act historically has been limited to navigable and adjacent waters. The new definition would change this significantly.

Home health nurse 660x370 article
Small Business Trends

Opportunities Explode for Home Healthcare Entrepreneurs

The popularity of home healthcare has not gone unnoticed by entrepreneurs. They expect the sector to grow significantly as the massive baby-boomer generation moves into retirement.

Handmade soaps 660x370 article
Small Business Trends

FDA Interference Has Homemade Soap Makers in Lather

The bill includes regulations and adds extra costs into the soap-making process that small soap startups fear will have a major impact on them.
And though the bill is not an outright ban on artisanal soap makers, it is viewed as having the potential to raise the cost of doing business so high that it could sink this burgeoning industry.

Logo ylb large1 article

Parker Waichman's YourLawyer.com Blog

Some stories written by me while Senior Marketing Writer and Content Marketing Manager at a national personal-injury law firm.

Gi 70284 pw 20logo article

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Supplement ‘Craze’ Includes Chemical Cousin to Methamphetamine

The lawsuit stems from allegations that the sports supplement maker promoted and sold a pre-workout powder called “Craze” that includes a chemical similar to the illicit street drug.

Public speaking 850x476 article
Small Business Trends

How to Become a Master Presenter, Rock Your Next Speech

Ruth Sherman prepares CEOs, Oscar-winning celebrities and entrepreneurs for public speaking and video opportunities. She recently spoke with Small Business Trends in an exclusive interview regarding the art of giving a great speech...

Abundance thinking 660x371 article
Small Business Trends

Embrace Abundance Thinking: The Magical Power of AND

Many believe that the most effective way to create an abundance mentality is to give away that which you want.

Disconnect from technology 660x370 article
Small Business Trends

Is it Possible to Make the Most of Technology AND Still Enjoy Free ...

Never before in human history has mankind been able to accomplish so much — so quickly — and from so many different locations.
This coin’s flip side, however, is the daunting reality that most of us are actually addicted to technology and its benefits.

Zenefits  article
Small Business Trends

Benefits Startup Zenefits Under Scrutiny Over Insurance Regs

Startup Zenefits, which offers small businesses an online platform for running human resources, is under the spotlight over health insurance licensing issues following an investigation by Buzzfeed News.
The company “apparently flouted insurance laws by allowing unlicensed brokers to sell health insurance,” Buzzfeed reports, adding that this “approach … led to at least one regulatory inquiry into the legality of its operations.” ...

Success and happiness work life balance 660x370 article
Small Business Trends

Peace, Success AND Happiness — You Can Have It All

Millennials, more than other age groups, are the unhappiest generation when they can’t find an acceptable work-life balance. Nearly one-third of them say that managing work and family, as well as personal responsibilities, has grown increasingly difficult over the past five years.

Da vinci female nurse pc sterile 72 article

Da Vinci Surgical Robot Recall

The da Vinci surgical robot, which is manufactured and marketed by Intuitive Surgical Systems, has been under fire by federal regulators who allege that reports of injuries and complications experienced by patients during – as well as after – surgeries performed with the device are on the rise.

Be productive 660x370 article
Small Business Trends

How You Can Be "Out to Lunch" AND Still be Productive

You can be anywhere -- or even on your way there -- and make observations that can help your business.

Excited 660x370 article
Small Business Trends

50 Ways to Get People Motivated as a Self Starter at Work

Nearly 70 percent of American employees don’t consider themselves engaged at work.

Bobrule article
manhasset press

Retirement Bittersweet for Bob Rule

Manhasset lacrosse coach and middle school teacher Robert "Bob" Rule has retired. Whoever is hired as his replacement better wear a large shoe size.

Millenial 660x370 article
Small Business Trends

Many Small Businesses Aren't Marketing to Millennials

Small business owners are missing out on a potentially big piece of the action by not marketing to millennials....